Photographs should be preserved, protected and shared. Then they will live forever.

John Perchulyn
Redondo Beach, CA

Personal Photo Organizer

"As a personal photo organizer, I can help you organize your photos, videos and digital files. We can work together to categorize your photos by putting them in albums, slide shows, or specially designed photo boxes to be enjoyed by future generations."

For more information or to setup an appointment please calll me at: 310-740-2626
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Personal Photo Organizer

Have you heard of linea? Linea is an application that offers a complete system for organizing, securing and sharing photos with family and friends across multiple devices and it’s FREE And if you choose, for a small annual fee you can upload your digital images and store them on the cloud technology accessible from anywhere. Visit the website under Photo Organizing for more information on linea.

In order to experience the features of linea, send an email to
I will forward you a line sample which will allow you to create and share your own line.